About Us

Idealist Construction, working with the objective to create privileged, happy living spaces for humans, has assumed an environmentalist and nature friendly mission. Aiming for the ‘Quality in Service’ mission in every project it has undertaken by its specialized staff since its establishment, it continually renews itself by generating above-the-line projects.

Idealist Construction, which poses as the continuation of Ideal Construction Engineering Company that was established in 2003 and Yusuf Sertkaya was a partner and a founder of, operates in the real property and construction sector both domestically and abroad. Services are offered to the private, public transformation and public sectors in areas such as residence, infrastructure, mall, hotel, workplace, landscaping, city parks, education and healthcare projects.

Idealist Construction, which has been operating in the construction and real property sector with the goal of customer satisfaction and without compromising from its quality understanding, respect for humans and the environment for 13 years, has become one of the trusted brands in the construction sector by completing numerous projects throughout the country.

In addition to contracting, Idealist Construction also continues to develop and produce real property development and urban transformation projects on valuable plots, in line with customer demands and market expectations, by its domestic and international investments and developed projects. The operations and facility management of these real properties, which are developed by the revenue sharing or other partnership models, are performed by relevant entities operating in these fields.

Idealist Construction will continue to generate new projects and write new stories of achievement by the business understanding it has built on the foundations of focusing, differentiation, innovation and sustainability by the power it derives from its well-rooted past.