Our Quality Policy

We are enjoying the well-deserved pride of being one of the distinguished and preferred service companies operating in our country today by our qualified and effective services.

Idealist Construction takes maximum care in susceptible areas in the construction sector, such as, producing qualified projects, reliably and efficiently. Benefiting from the state of the art technologies, compliance with national and international standards and working with the experts in the field constitute the basis of the company’s quality policy.

Idealist Construction, aiming for unconditional excellence, encourages all employees, from the lowest level up to its senior management, and its business partners for continual improvement, honesty, efficiency and adding value to the performed work.

Idealist Construction, which acts in consideration of its liabilities to the environment and the society in all activities, demonstrates this sensitivity by using products and technologies that have minimum impacts on the environment.

It uses its resources economically, effectively and efficiently in order to ensure continual customer satisfaction considering the customer requirements and means, through the effective participation of all employees. It always makes timely product deliveries; and continually improves its management system. And, while doing all these, it aims to maintain its superior quality in the competition in the sector by its leader, innovative identity that is open to development.

Our primary principles we have developed as based on our corporate cultural and busness ethics:

  • To offer quality on time and at the defined level in the realized projects
  • To comply with all requirements of the Quality Management System standards and improve the system continuously,
  • To work without compromising from engineering disciplines,
  • To fulfill the quality requirements in internal communication,
  • To generate the teamwork spirit and take efficiency to the highest level,
  • To comply with the statutory requirements and the customer specifications.