We conduct all processes necessary to transform old buildings, which do not comply with the Urban Transformation law numbered 6306 and the Earthquake regulation, have completed their economic lives, and do not offer ergonomic living spaces, into safe, comfortable and profitable buildings. We follow up on and rapidly conclude all stages of feasibility analyses and valuation, starting the demolition processes, lease assistance, moving processes, on your behalf. And, while conducting the construction of the project we have generated, we keep you informed on all developments by reporting day by day.

The general definition of urban design is the process of designing structured environments, towns, and cities. Urban transformation differs from architecture in the sense of being a design principle that works on a total urban area such as building groups, streets, public areas and neighborhood relations, rather than individual buildings, and tries to make the urban area functional, sustainable and attractive. Within this scope, Idealist Construction offers services in transportation planning, square-street arrangements, park area design, facade improvement projects and urban furniture design.